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Vereortiel Poodle OW Version P4

The Lurcher hellhound demon dog is back in a condensed form for breeding with the PFM based breeds. Features internal and external textures and internal sounds. The SCP is the GSD so it acts tough but throws poodle poses spontaneously without prompting. Personality has been edited, so some may be bold and confident and others will tremble at the site of a butterfly. Also note that the poodle's favorite food may not be chicken like normal poodles, so be ready to offer it a variety of foods to see what your pet likes.

How this works: While the file is in, the pup will grow up to have demon dog sounds and use the internal textures. If the file is swapped with the original, then it will have the default poodle sounds and poodle behavior. It will pose like a poodle with the regular file in. It will use the external textures.

To make sure the external textures work, they go in a folder called Art next to the adopted petz folder with a folder inside named textures. Inside that folder goes the external textures.

Winged Dragon P4

Winged Dragon P5

This winged dragon has multiple color variations and internal textures. Lip lines are optional. Three body length variations. Some are even able to breath fire. I left a number of textures unused for your hex painting pleasure. Just remember distributing your altered breedfile I rather you not without permission, but you can share petz adopted from the file. Please link back to me if you share. Modified Sheepdog base and Lab scp.
Note: The P5 version has smaller default scales to better fit in the smaller window size and a slight adjustment to the belly to accommodate the smaller scales.


Unibreed Dragon with textures compatable for P5

The fins meet in pose. Was made originally for PUGS as an exclusive but the feedback was good enough that I felt it should be shared eventually. Various texture color variations.

You're free to hexpaint and share the file as long as you give me credit. Includes a few hidden textures in the file for hexpainting.

Ladybug P4

An old file I originally made as an exclusive, but decided later to make into a breedfile and give a few color variations. The shell (elytra) breeds true (the red passes down) though may occasionally take the color of the body.

Wasp P4

This is an old file I picked up from where I left off (May 15, 2006), gave it wings, and a texture variation, and did a few touches. Liplines optional. Modified Mutt base. The scp I think is the mutt. Breeds true but sometimes the texture/color of the abdomen is all yellow. You can hexpaint to fix this.

Ant P4

The old file is on Carolyn Horn's site, This version I gave a few updates. One update was making the wings so they remain blue and not take on the color of the body. Another was an optional texture. I also fixed the gender locks so males are less common (like in real life) and always come with wings. (They typically do in real life.) I also fixed the color info override so some of the variations that didn't work now do. First gens also start off as larvae but grow into adults. 2nd gens will start off as small ants. There is also a new color variation, based on the oecophylla smaragdina (green tree ant). External sounds from Carolyn Horn are included in the zip. The folder "ant" goes in the dogz folder with the breedfile. Various sizes in the file go from tiny to "sci-fi horror monster". Chi base and SCP. Modified personality values.


Updated version of my wolf file. Minor things fixed. Looks better in pose. Pups still ugly (I suggest aging them right away). Many color variations. Now includes a variation with normal eyes.


Each one has its own favorite holiday. What's been updated: Feet, toes and ankles aligned for better right facing poses. Unibreed format.


Mostly the same as my old file hosted on Carolyn Horn's site, but LNZ data has been cleaned up so it opens in Petz Workshop. A few of the variations may work correctly now.

Whazzit Sounds


My first released Breed - 2003 (this is the odd behavior version for petz 4) The rest can be found on Carolyn Horn's site

What's been updated? Not much, but I replaced the non functional stripe3 texture with hair11. No special texture files needed.

Buzzo Sounds